A historic setting for unique and memorable events
santa Emilia ornamentation

The Hall of Pillars: a majestic setting for cultural events

The majestic Hall of Pillars, with its spectacular heights, is a perfect space for concerts, book presentations, master classes and other cultural events. With capacity for 90 people, this large "Pazo Gallego" style hall is located on the first floor of the building and is part of our Cultural Center project in conjunction with the City of Mondoñedo.

Event Hall

Distribucion de Salones


Hall of Pillars

Ubicacion: Lower Ground Floor

 Acceso a exterior: Jardines

Superficio Jardines Amurallados: 2500 m2

Superficio Total: 166 m2

Planta Noble

Ubicacion: Ground Floor

Acceso Patio Frontal

Superficio Total: 166 m2

Acceso: Comedor, Salon, Recepcion

Drawing Room
Events Dining Room

La Planta Noble: elegance and refinement for intimate events

Our Noble Plant offers an elegant and refined environment. 

It consists of "Petit Reception", "Drawing Room", "Foyer" and "Dining Room".

The decoration of these spaces evokes the splendor of the Indian palace and allows our visitors to immerse themselves in a dreamlike atmosphere.

Events Mirrored candelabra
Main hall
Noble Reception Floor

The Garden of Santa Emilia: An idyllic space for outdoor celebrations

Outside, the 3,000-square-meter estate offers an elegant and refined setting for events and celebrations. Surrounded by historic walls and vines, this garden is home to a rich variety of flora, including centuries-old fruit trees and flowers such as camellias and dahlias. It also offers an incomparable view of the Seminary of Santa Catalina and the Cathedral's façade. The estate can be easily integrated into the Salón de los Pilares space through its three entrances.

Whether you are looking for a space for an artistic event or a special celebration, Palazzo Santa Emilia offers an exceptional setting that combines history, art and nature in a commercially clear, artistically respectful and institutionally appropriate environment. We invite you to explore the possibilities our spaces have to offer and be captivated by the magic of Santa Emilia.

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