Recording Residences

High Quality Classical Recording Productions in a Unique Environment

Our Recording Studio

Partnership with WKMT London

Santa Emilia is honored to collaborate closely with WKMT London, one of London's most renowned music schools, known for its commitment to excellence in music teaching and performance. We are also proud of our connection with, their specialized recording studio, celebrated for its impeccable piano recordings and unstoppable dedication to the art of sound.

WKMT and's well-established reputation, attention to detail and passion for music inform and define our own practices at Santa Emilia. We strive to deliver the same high quality experiences, whether you are looking for a quiet stay in a rural setting or the opportunity to record your music in an acoustically rich space.

WKMT London

Santa Emilia is distinguished by its dedication to acoustic perfection and the creation of the best conditions for the ideal recording of classical music. Although we professionally record a variety of instruments, including strings and winds, the piano is the undisputed king of our studio.

Superior Equipment

Our recording studio is equipped with the best instruments and audio equipment. At the heart of the studio you will find our Yamaha C7 piano, an instrument world renowned for its quality and tone. We complement it with Audix SCX25A microphones to capture the richness and depth of every note.

Classical Harmony: The Symphony of Santa Emilia

In Santa Emilia, the rich history and exceptional acoustics create an unparalleled environment for recording classical music. Our residences offer the opportunity to immerse yourself in music and serenity, away from the distractions of the outside world.

Piano Recordings

Superior Equipment

At Santa Emilia, we not only focus on audio quality, but we are also equipped to produce exceptional video recordings, allowing you to create a professional presentation portfolio.

Audix in Action

A Creative Sanctuary

Make Palazzo Santa Emilia your temporary home while filming in a serene and luxurious environment designed to inspire.

One of the unique features of our service in Santa Emilia is the opportunity to reside in our facilities during the recording process. Artists can travel directly from London to La Coruña, where an organized transfer will be waiting to take them to the palace.

At Santa Emilia, we take care of all the details so that musicians can fully concentrate on their creativity and performance. We offer full board that includes accommodation in our elegant rooms, exquisite local cuisine and all the services necessary for a comfortable and productive stay.

In this idyllic and tranquil setting, artists have the freedom to explore their music, experiment with new ideas and record at their own pace. At Santa Emilia, we not only provide a high quality recording studio, but also a home away from home for artists in search of inspiration and tranquility.

Classical Resonances in Santa Emilia

Discover the magic of recording or filming in a Colonial Palace

Envelop yourself in the serenity of Santa Emilia and unleash your musical creativity. The peaceful atmosphere, rich history and unparalleled acoustics of our palazzo create the perfect setting for recording classical music. Contact us and take the first step towards your next masterpiece.